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Oyun Adı: Korkunç Canavar
Açıklama: Description
What about an angry and ...hungry huge Troll ecaped from goblins\ prison?
Troll\s Rage is our first side scrolling brawler where you control a Troll that escapes from the prison where Orcs and Goblin keep him as their special heavy-weapon for the battle versus humans.
Release all your brutal violence and rage against Orcs and Goblins first and then against the human army you\ll find on your way to freedom.
Some game features:
Fantasy mood with orcs, goblins, soldiers and mages
Humor and gore in a User friendly gameplay with easy controls
7 game-levels with intermediate checkpoints
Special attacks like acid vomit & devouring RAGE
All 3D graphic characters and background
Dynamic particle system for blood, arrows and magic spells fx
In-Game achievements for special bonus
Automatic savegame at the end of each level
Original soundtracks and sound fx
...Enjoy your rage and ...Eat\em all!
GameGuide link is availabel on the Game Main Menu.
Controls are visible on the game 1st level background:
\Arrow Keys\ or \WASD\ to move
\Z\ or \J\ for heavy attack
\X\ or \K\ for fast attack
Press twice left or right arrow key to run
Press \Z\ or \J\ while running for jumping attack
Hold \Z\ or \J\ for powerful crushing strike
Hold \X\ or \K\ for powerful hurling blow
Press together \Z\+\X\ or \J\+\K\ to eat an enemy on the ground
\SPACEBAR\ to vomit (when your stomach is sufficiently full and blinking)
\M\ to turn off/on music and sound
\P\ to pause
\ESC to main menu
Oynanma: 4,138 Kere
Popülerlik: 0
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Tüm Hakları Saklıdır. 2008
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